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Flattiverse is a 2D multiplayer space game where you need to program your own space ship. This space ship as client then connects to the Flattiverse game server on the internet which simulates the game universe and ensures a fair game.

Players space ships can use engine and thrusters to fly, use radar to scan for other objects, use torpedos to fire at mission targets and communictate with other ships. The Flattiverse server updates the positions of objects in 2D space, maintains the energy levels of the ships and updates the player scores. The players score points e.g. by hitting a marked target buoy (mission target), by fulfilling mission goals of by suceeding in a battle.

Team games are another attraction of Flattiverse. Here also the Flattiverse server manages the scores and guarantees a fair game (as long as Matthias does not take part).

On the cliente side a Connector.dll library maintains the connection between the players code and the server.

The preferred way to take part in the Flattiverse game is

  • install a development environment for one of the supported programming languages, e.g. Visual Studio
  • register for a user account at the Flattiverse website
  • read the Connector API documentation here and on the Flattiverse website
  • download the actual Connector
  • start programming your own ship

Help required.

It really would help us, if you report error to Matthias in the course or via mail:

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