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Units are described in the level editor via XML. Here you can see the various unit types:

  • 0x08: Sun
    <Sun Name="Zirp" Radius="300" PositionX="0" PositionY="0" Gravity="0.7" Radiation="2" PowerOutput="150" Resource="PlasmaRed" />
  • 0x10: Planet, 0x11: Moon, 0x12: Meteoroid
    <Planet Name="Zirp" Radius="300" PositionX="0" PositionY="0" Gravity="0.7" Resource="Gold" Radiation="2" />
  • 0x20: Buoy
    <Buoy Name="Zirp" PositionX="0" PositionY="0">Broadcast Message</Buoy>
  • 0x04: Target
    <Target Name="Zirp" PositionX="0" PositionY="0" Team="2" Sequence="4" Hint="360" />

Units without XML Representation

  • 0x01: PlayerUnit
  • 0x02: Shot

Available Resources

The following resources may be available at a Sun:

  • PlasmaRed
  • PlasmaOrange
  • PlasmaYellow
  • PlasmaGreen
  • PlasmaCyan
  • PlasmaBlue
  • PlasmaMagenta

The following Resources may be available at a BlackHole:

  • SpaceCrystal

The following Resources may be available at a Moon, Planet or Meteoroid:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Lithium
  • Silicon
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